Saturated Color

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Copper in the Press!

Before we get to the pics, I have to share — I had the lovely opportunity to be a featured artist on Etsy last week!  My daughter took the cool photos above (I’ll be sharing more pics of the silver map next week).  While the article wasn’t a surprise (it was an interview, after all), the comments and emails were humbling, to say the least.  It dawned on me that one of the things I miss most about teaching is the feeling of making an impact on someone’s life.  It didn’t happen every day, but when the moments arose, they were palpable.  You don’t get many of those as an artist.  You may have someone really enjoy what you do, but rarely a real game-changer.  It feels nice.

Saturated Color

I have two new pieces to share ~ both explorations in saturated color.  The piece on the left was a commission… it is a large wenge jewelry box (5×7 inches) with a slide lid and my black & white inverted flower photo.  I did a little experimenting with sheer layers of color to get the right translucent quality to allow the image to show through the deep red.  The bits of black and grey ended up creating a velvety look, which I absolutely love.  I made a damask pillow liner for the inside.  I have a few extra large jewelry/ keepsake boxes — if you would like to customize your own, just email me!  I’d be happy to work with you on a design.

The piece on the right is from a photo I took of Asiatic lilies.  I inverted the image, then gave it a light plum glaze.  The texture you see in the background is the surface of the etched zinc — it creates almost a grainy effect to the photo.  Black Lilies is available for purchase online (click image above), or as a custom piece if you’d like a different color.

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Ornaments are back!

Last year these were a big hit, so I’m bringing them back.  They are in short supply as they have been selling quickly (well, kinda — the two people who bought them bought a LOT), so if you’d like one, grab it now!  Once the leaves fall off the trees, they’ll be officially done for the season — and once they’re gone, they’re gone.  (And if you like the design, stay tuned ~ I have a great new piece to share with you soon!

Until next time, have a great week!